The Perfume Alibi – A Mystery-Suspense Thriller

There’s a funny thing about bullets. They don’t always kill you, even when you’ve been shot in the head.

On a rainy, dismal night somewhere in rural Ohio a fancy sports car is pulled over for a routine traffic stop. The nervous driver, whose very dress and appearance appears at odds with his expensive car, is hiding something far more sinister than his false identity. The unsuspecting cop who pulls him over is bored, looking for a way to pass the time until he gradually discovers that he’s involved in a cat and mouse game that could ultimately end up costing him his very life.

 Intertwined within the roadside drama is the tale of two down-on-their luck Hollywood character actors that moonlight as cold blooded killers for hire. The Perfume Alibi tells the harrowing story of their fumbling, awkward early days – to the polished, intricate schemes of their later years as their bloody careers progress.

Suspenseful, funny and highly entertaining, this tautly drawn mystery- thriller is reminiscent of the pulp fiction novels and film noir of the 1940-50’s – but re-mastered for a 21st century audience.


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  1. Becky Stadtlander August 21, 2012 — 12:39 pm

    “WHAT A GREAT BOOK” There are so many situations going on at the same time, and how you made all come together at the end is great.

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